Detective Lawrence Appleton (or "Morgan Freeman" as David Wong refers to him) is a detective for the Police Department of [Undisclosed], is an antihero and supporting character in John Dies at the End.


At first, David Wong gives Appleton the name "Morgan Freeman" because he could not remember the name of the actor that reminded him of Appleton, so he "stuck with Morgan Freeman". Later, however, Wong describes Appleton as a bald, black man with a short goatee and a round face.


"What was left was just me and Morgan, the clean-cut protector of the people standing tall over the slumped, unshaven kid..." - Chapter 3

Lawrence Appleton is something of a foil to the two main characters: whereas John is riotous and humorous, and David is melancholic and snarky, Appleton maintains a stern, preoccupied, serious demeanor - a cop who is doing his job and doing it well.

However, thanks to the effects of the soy sauce, Dave learns several things about Appleton the detective chooses not to reveal and keeps inside: his fear of the end of the world coming, his horror about the events transpiring, the fact that he has children and is worried for their future, and many others things that he buries deep inside of him that even David, under the spell of the soy sauce, cannot understand.

Appleton is also shown to be somewhat ruthless, if apologetic, as showcased by his nonchalance in shooting David in the chest and nearly burning his (presumed) corpse.