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This wiki would probably be more appropriately named the "[Undisclosed] Wiki," since it's really here to organize information pertaining to the unnamed midwestern city that is the home of David Wong, John "Cheese," Amy Sullivan, and Molly the dog. Mr. Wong declined to disclose the name of the city in which the only two published accounts of his and his friends' misadventures are set, preferring to simply refer to it as the city of Undisclosed. The area has been a hotspot of paranormal and supernatural activity since before the city was founded, and probably will continue to be even after its aerial bombing. It's a good thing Mr. Wong and his friends decided to accept their roles as its unofficial, albeit reluctant protectors, beause they're the only ones who can. This wiki's purpose is to organize information relevant to Mr. Wong's experiences in this town, to better educate those of you who still believe that what goes bump in the night is just your imagination. 

John Dies At The End and This Book Is Full Of Spiders are comedy/horror novels written by Jason Pargin under the pseudonym David Wong. John Dies At The End was made into a cult film in 2012 that was directed by Don Coscarelli.

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(I started this wiki because I love the books and movie, and was surprised that there was no wiki for them already. I've never made a wiki before, though, and would appreciate any help I can get. I don't know how to get rid of the filenames on the front page where picture files used to be. My email is Thanks!)

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